Medical Tourism in Latvia

Medical tourism has gained popularity in recent years.

High quality medical treatment can now be found outside of the UK and there is no shortage of people looking to Europe for affordable treatment.

When comparing prices for treatment in private hospitals in the UK with those in Latvia, Latvia is a very attractive destination. Typical costs for surgery in the UK for a gastric bypass operation for example, could be approximately £11 000 to £12 000. Compare this to surgery in Latvia which would cost you approximately £4 800, for the same operation. Gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and revisional surgery are all available in Latvia. If you take into account that private hospitals in Latvia also offer highly qualified English speaking surgeons and nurses, modern state of the art equipment and excellent standards of care, Latvia seems the obvious choice. All hospitals are compliant with European regulations.

Medical training in Latvia is of an exceptional level, Latvian doctors and nurses are highly regarded and many are employed throughout Europe, including the UK.