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rombim was a former patient of ours. She was struggling with her weight when she found Weight Loss Riga. Weight Loss Riga was able to transform Mim’s life with a bariatric procedure. We’re so proud of her progress, and the best part is that she now works with us! When you call Weight Loss Riga, you’ll have the pleasure of speaking with Mim, our former patient and our patient coordinator

As a former patient, Mim understands what concerns and questions you may have. That’s why we’re so happy to offer you Mim as your main resource to losing the weight and getting your life back. When you call us, Mim picks up the phone. You’ll feel immediately at ease when you hear her friendly, encouraging voice. From start to finish, Mim will be there for you, every step of the way. Give us a call today and get started on your weight loss journey!

Mim Dickens
Mim DickensPatient

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* This is feedback from our former patients, and such an outcome cannot be guaranteed or promised.

Weight Loss Riga's photo.
Weight Loss Riga
Facebook group · 5, 716 members


99,4% Patient Satisfaction

Considering weight loss surgery abroad?
Speak to some of our former patients

izgrieztas sievietes


Weight Loss Riga's photo.
Weight Loss Riga
Facebook group · 5, 716 members

99,4% Patient Satisfaction

Considering weight loss surgery abroad?
Speak to some of our former patients

izgrieztas sievietes


I was one of the first from the UK to have my bypass with Weight Loss Riga, and I still class it as one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

The service was amazing from start to finish, but I’m sure you all know that by now. To date, I have lost almost 11 stone. I have plateaued now and have stayed the same for quite a while, but I’m happy with how I look. Here is a before picture and a picture from 2 weeks ago. I can’t thank Weight Loss Riga enough.


I am so delighted with my weight loss. It’s the best thing I’ve done for myself in years. I can’t recommend Riga highly enough.


I decided to have a Gastric Sleeve at Weight Loss Riga after 40 years of struggling with my weight. After much research, I discovered Weight Loss Riga.

I had my operation on February 22nd 2018, and have received endless support directly from Mim Dickens and indirectly via the Facebook group. I sometimes managed to keep weight off for lengthy periods with a soul-destroying combination of constant dieting and lots of exercise. But, I couldn’t maintain the lifestyle for more than a few years at a time, and then the weight would eventually creep back on, and I always gained more weight than I had actually lost in the first place. I started dieting aged 15 when I was only about 7kgs overweight and ended up at 55, over 50kgs above the weight I needed to be.

In 2016 I decided to go back to a slimming club and managed to lose 23 kgs. It took 18 months, and I was really struggling to keep motivated. I felt I had to take some drastic action because I knew I wouldn’t be able to manage to sustain the weight loss. I have currently lost a further 29 kgs and am now only 6kgs from the weight I wish to be. I am fitter, stronger, much healthier and look 10 years younger.

I wish I had done this 20 years ago.


Weight Loss Riga has completely changed my life in an unimaginable way. I have spent years struggling with my weight and tried all sorts of diets. I had not even thought about surgery, but whilst I was searching for weight loss support I came across Weight Loss Riga. I was very anxious about not only having surgery but going abroad to do it. Mim was brilliant, she was there whenever I needed her, and I would not have done it without her. She talked me through everything and answered every question I had, and there were a lot!

The Facebook group hugely impacted my decision to go ahead as it was so helpful and insightful seeing other people’s stories and watching their journeys.

The hospital is out of this world; it was spotless and comfy. My partner came with me and stayed in the hospital with me, and he was really well looked after. Arthur was great too, I didn’t really have many questions as Mim has covered everything, but he looked after my partner and me for the duration of our trip. The nurses and the surgeon were amazing, and nothing was too much for them. I have never received such high-quality care.

My weight was 18 stone 5 lbs on the day of my surgery.

I was so unhappy with my weight I didn’t even want to leave the house and felt so low.

I was anxious on the day of my surgery, but there was no need. All went smoothly, and the recovery for me was great; lots of tiredness for a few weeks whilst my body adjusted but so worth it.

Five months on, and I now weigh 13 stone 2 lbs. It is the most amazing feeling to be able to go clothes shopping and get whatever I like; my life has completely changed. I now love getting dressed up, have changed my hair, and my confidence has excelled beyond my expectations.

I would highly recommend Weight Loss Riga; I literally have no negative comments, I could say. Everything went so smoothly, and the Facebook page is great for supporting each other.


After yo-yo dieting for the last decade and never losing a lot of weight, I decided to look into weight loss surgery. I did a lot of research and decided to go with weight loss Riga via Mim, the UK patient coordinator. Within 2 weeks of my enquiry, I was in Latvia in a private hospital having my surgery and was treated like royalty and so well looked after the whole time.

I am now 15 weeks post-op and have lost almost 5 stone, 50% of my excess weight in less than 4 months!! Which I would never have lost on my own! By far the best thing I have ever done for myself, and I’m so glad I went through Weight Loss Riga.


I’m 67 years old and have battled with my weight and related problems for the past 15 years. I had tried every way to diet and lose the weight that piled on over the years. I decided to take an active approach when my health was really suffering, and I started investigating surgery. I contacted numerous clinics, and the one person that took a really proactive approach was Mim Dickens, the UK coordinator for Weight Loss Riga. From the outset, she contacted me personally and answered all my zillions of questions. Without a doubt, she totally had my confidence. I booked rather quickly for a Gastric Sleeve surgery, striking while I was feeling so positive about it. I flew out to Riga in October 2017. From the moment I was met at the airport, I felt like I was being cared for. Arthur, the rep in Riga, came to the hotel and was such a lovely man, explaining everything and being very patient. We were escorted to the Clinic the next morning to meet our surgeon, Dr Troickis, who was such a gentle and sympathetic man. He was an absolute treasure, adding to my growing sense of well being. The clinic was spotlessly clean, and the nursing staff were fantastic. The operation passed with no complications, and I was pacing the corridors the same day. I felt so well. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a truly professional and caring service to look no further than Dr Troickis and his wonderful team at Weight Loss Riga. One regret is that I didn’t consider surgery sooner. I am fit, healthier, and lots of medical conditions I had have disappeared.


After my experience, 6 months ago, with my gastric sleeve surgery, I have nothing but praise for the whole organisation behind Weight Loss Riga. I come from Malta, and initially, I was quite apprehensive about travelling abroad for surgery; I built up my courage and went ahead. I have absolutely no regrets, the whole experience was perfectly organised, from the moment I arrived till it was time to return, everything was perfectly choreographed. The modern clinic was professionally staffed, and the level of service given was second to none. Great care was given, and I was amazed at how effortless and painless the procedure was. The final result was fantastic! I am very happy with the outcome and would encourage anyone considering the surgery to go for it.


Hi all,

I had my Gastric Bypass surgery at the end of January 2017, weighing in at 120 kgs pre-op. I am now down to 76.6 kgs! I was quite apprehensive about starting, but my Weight Loss Riga Patient Coordinator helped me lay my fears to rest. Very helpful and reassuring, so I can recommend surgery to those who are feeling uncertain.

Any questions? I’m happy to chat.


Hello. I have tried many diets over the years, but they failed. Pounds pile back on again. I contacted Mona in Riga to arrange and undertake Gastric Bypass surgery. The whole preparation process was comfortable and reassuring. It was awesome at the hospital in Riga, and I was really taken care of. I had the operation on Oct. 28 2015, and have lost 55 kg. I am very happy. I have no doubt in recommending the surgery and the clinic. I have not been sick one day, have lots of energy, got rid of my troubles and am more satisfied with myself. Things went so well I quickly realised that I should have had this operation many years ago.


I went to The clinic in Riga, and from the enquiries to booking to getting back home, I received friendly, professional advice.

The clinic is so clean you forget even the sheets are Egyptian cotton. The staff are amazing and give you emotional support and pain relief if required. They even pop in to see how you are, whether you buzz or not! And every detail is covered, so you don’t have to worry about transfers or anything as it’s all included. They speak excellent English, and the place is beautiful. Also, before and after you have the support of Mim that you can email or phone for guidance/support or any queries. I can honestly say it was a first-class service, very professional and friendly ten stars from me!


I just wanted to post this review about my experience and journey to Riga. From start to finish, I had the most laid back trip ever. Any nerves I had were set at ease by the wonderful Mim, who has had weight loss surgery herself so on a personal level can help out first hand, always at the end of the phone for a chat never a bother. When I arrived, I was picked up and taken to the hotel, no waiting around. The next day I was picked up by the coordinator Riga side, taken to the clinic for bloods and tests but made to feel very much at ease. Next was to rest up, in my beautiful room with great nurses, service and a flatscreen tv. I met the surgeon, who was a pleasure and nothing was too much to explain. All went well once back at home, now with a weight loss of 5 stones in nearly 9 months. I can’t say it’s been easy because it’s been a new learning curve for me as for anyone who will have weight loss surgery, but for one, I will never regret it. And Riga is the place to do it.


From start to finish, the whole experience with Weight Loss Riga has been nothing short of amazing. Having chosen to have gastric bypass, I can honestly say I have not had a single regret. The clinic and facilities were 10/10, extremely professional and spotlessly clean. From the first day of tests to the day I was discharged, there was nothing I could fault. The support from UK & Ireland patient coordinator Mim Dickens and Arthur, the patient coordinator in Riga to the nurses and surgeon in the hospital, was second to none. After 11 weeks and an overall weight loss so far of 28 kgs, I can only recommend the whole process from start to finish. I look at the money spent as an investment in myself and my health.

* This is feedback from our former patients, and such an outcome cannot be guaranteed or promised.

10 Reasons to Choose Us

1. Don’t wait on a waiting list!

We accommodate your needs when arranging appointments. Our surgeon will review your medical documentation and health questionnaire to assess your suitability for a surgical procedure. We then aim to offer you a surgery date within one to two weeks.

2. A private, contemporary surgical center

Our clinic is designed to emulate the most modern medical institutions in Europe. Hotel style accommodation is offered, with a flat screen television, wifi and air conditioning to ensure a comfortable stay. There is the opportunity for a friend or a member of your family to stay with you in your private room, if necessary.

3. Experienced surgeons and medical team

Our senior surgeon, who specializes in bariatric surgery, has over ten years experience in this field, and twenty five years experience in general surgery. The medical staff and surgeons have vast experience and knowledge.

4. Finest quality surgical equipment

The equipment we use is of the highest proven quality, it is supplied by: Storz, Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon and Covidien. We have opened four new operating theatres, which have been designed and equipped to the highest standard.

5. Five years with you

We answer our questions for 5 years for patients who have undergone bariatric surgery. Our patient coordinator will be available to answer questions via email or telephone.

6. Quarter of the price of US surgical treatment

With us you get the same (or an even better) service than that of a private clinic in the US, for a quarter of the price. For approximately a quarter of the cost, we can offer a similar or a better service than most private clinics in the US.

7. English speaking medical personnel

Our doctors, nurses and the other medical personnel speak English fluently.

8. Twenty four hour care

Medical care, given by doctors and nurses, is available on a twenty four hour basis.

9. Private Facebook Community

Engage and connect with real patients. The Facebook community is a private place where you can ask questions and learn more.


10. Surgeon’s Liability Insurance

A Surgeon’s liability insurance of 30,000 Euro is provided for the bariatric surgeons operating at our clinic.

…Our surgeons are insured for liability, which is a unique offer for medical facilities abroad. You’re in good hands at Weight Loss Riga.


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