safer, eu-regulated weight loss surgery abroad



Quality weight loss surgery abroad. Join 2500+ success stories taking control of their weight and feeling confident with weight loss surgery by the expert bariatric surgeons at Weight Loss Riga




safer, eu-regulated weight
loss surgery abroad

Quality weight loss surgery abroad. Join 2500+ success stories taking control of their weight and feeling confident with weight loss surgery by the expert bariatric surgeons at Weight Loss Riga


Aimee Takacs

In general, I chose WLR over places I looked at in Turkey for the following reasons:

1). Medical equipment and standards aren’t as highly regulated in Turkey (cost of equipment is on average over £1500 and can be up to £3000, Turkey has been renowned for reusing equipment or using inferior equipment for surgery as a cost saving tactic)

2). Generally higher rate of life changing complications arising from surgery in Turkey then in the EU

3). Higher clinical excellence standards

4). More thorough pre op tests

5). Shorter flight time, cheaper flights, shorter transfer time from airport to hotel and clinic

6). Professionalism

7). The fact that WLR has had zero mortality rate (this was a big one)

8). Turkish clinics tend to appear on botched surgery places

9). The qualifications and experience of the surgeons at WLR

10). In the EU surgeons have to be recertified every year, Turkey doesn’t have the same governance over its surgeons

why patients are opting for
weight loss riga vs turkey


Learn the 10 top reasons why patients are choosing to transform their health with affordable weight loss surgery by leading European surgeons in Latvia.



Medical equipment
and standards

Weight Loss Riga in Latvia (EU):

Medical (bariatric included) tourism is something supported both by the Latvian government, and by several EU programs which provide not just the necessary finances, but also the latest knowledge and equipment. This also means rigid control by the EU, which is only good for the clinics and you as the patient!


Turkey (outside EU):

To cut weight loss surgery expenses, cheap and low-quality equipment may be used. For example, the general cost of the one-time disposable operation equipment set is £1500-1700. With many clinics and hospitals in Turkey offering surgery for £2000-2500 raises the question of whether they: 

  • work with losses because there are many other costs involved in addition to the equipment;
  • use cheap and low-quality equipment sets;
  • reuse their non-reusable equipment.

Representatives of the field assure that although disposable devices can be sterilised, they can’t be sterilised enough to prevent microbes and bacteria from developing. These bacteria also mutate and grow even stronger, one being the infamous MRSA, which is resistant to several antibiotics and may cause sepsis and even death.



Mortality rates

Weight Loss Riga in Latvia (EU):

Many former patients of WLR admitted that a major factor for choosing Weight Loss Riga in Latvia, EU, was the exemplary safety record, with strict rules and regulations in place, as well as first-class aftercare.


Turkey (outside EU):

There are a lot of horror stories on the internet, in the press, and on TV about people who have died due to a bariatric surgery performed in Turkey, either right on the spot or after having returned home. Sadly, these are not rumours.



Post-surgery care &

Weight Loss Riga in Latvia (EU):

The patient spends at least two nights at the clinic following surgery, with an overall stay of 3-4 days. This allows the staff to watch you 24/7 and immediately react to complications and discomfort. 


Turkey (outside EU):

Often cheap and low-quality equipment implies a much higher percentage of post-op complications such as leakage. Early discharges to the hotels for aftercare may cause a situation with staff not noticing a problem until it’s too late. 



Clinical excellence

Weight Loss Riga in Latvia (EU):

There are strict European Union standards and requirements for all clinics and hospitals, and the control is rigorous. Latvian government and EU programs support medical tourism (including bariatric), which provides finances and the latest technology and equipment. To minimise risks, WLR surgeons will always conduct a blue liquid leak test before concluding the surgery.


Since patients’ safety is priority number one at WLR, surgeons will always spend extra time in the surgery theatre to carry out double stitching; this is something that most surgeons worldwide do not do.


Turkey (outside EU):

The main reason to be more cautious with countries not in the European Union is that they do not have to obey British and European usual everyday standards and requirements. Standards outside the EU are considerably lower and not so easy to understand due to language and cultural differences.



Weight Loss Riga in Latvia (EU):

The preoperative examinations are comprehensive, per British and EU standards. 
 Your main contact person and mentor from the very beginning to the months of aftercare, your main contact person and mentor is one of our patient coordinators. They help you with the documentation and questionnaires and guide you through the process. Once the doctors assess and confirm you are eligible for the surgery, a date is set (usually within 1-2 weeks).


Turkey (outside EU):

The number and variety of preoperative examinations differ between Turkish clinics, and general information on the home pages lacks clarity (or can be missing). Pre-op tests are quite basic and common in clinics and hospitals outside the EU.

It is also essential to mention that in many Turkish clinics, it seems that the patient coordinator also “determines which bariatric surgery you should have”, – which is something that in the UK and Riga, Latvia, is done by the surgeon/surgical team. 



Botched surgeries

Weight Loss Riga in Latvia (EU):

Whether it is for the high, controlled EU standards, highly professional bariatric surgeons or even much smaller clinics with their private, individual care, there are no mentions of Riga, Latvia, except highly positive reviews with loads of compliments. It doesn't mean that there are no post-op complications or that 100% of patients easily achieved their weight loss surgery target, but when it comes to botched surgeries as such, WLR has a clean record.


Turkey (outside EU):

Turkey isn't exactly known for its safety record when it comes to healthcare – especially when it comes to surgical procedures. Reports suggest that as much as 30% of all surgical procedures in Turkey are botched. Unfortunately, there has indeed been a significant increase in patients having complications after returning from Turkey, which puts local clinics under great stress.



Qualifications and
experience of the

Weight Loss Riga in Latvia (EU):

Our leading bariatric surgeon is highly experienced in a variety of bariatric surgeries, including Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, Mini-Gastric Bypass and Revisional Bariatric surgeries. Dr Igors Troickis has over thirty years of general surgery experience and over fifteen years of specialising in weight loss surgery.


Turkey (outside EU):

In Turkey, any surgeon who has completed five years of general surgery studies is permitted by Turkish law to do gastric surgery. While this is not to say that there are no excellent surgeons outside the EU, it is wise to be extra cautious. 



Travel length, cost,
and transfer time

Weight Loss Riga in Latvia (EU):

Many airlines are operating out of Riga, which is one of Europe's biggest hubs. Consequently,  flights are available from around the globe at affordable prices. It takes about 2.5 hours to fly between London and Riga (take-off and landing included). 


Turkey (outside EU):

Depending on your departure and landing sites, flights from the UK to Turkey starting from approx. 4 hours. This does not make for a comfortable flight, especially post-surgery. Additionally, there are long transfers if not flying to any of the major cities – Turkey is, after all, a large country, especially compared to little Riga, Latvia. 



Cultural differences

Weight Loss Riga in Latvia (EU):

Similarly climatic, similarly flavoured menu, and similarly shaped culture. There is enough difference to make it interesting, but it will not occupy your mind so that you can concentrate on what you are supposed to be doing.

You will be able to communicate with the clinic's staff in your language, as they speak it well. Introductions and consultations are provided by the Patient Coordination team, with all members being former patients and UK native speakers.


Turkey (outside EU):

Now, Turkey is a wonderful place – exotic and perfect for sightseeing, adventures, meeting friendly local people, diving into a fascinating culture and language… However, when already stressed and trying to concentrate on your health, the surgery and afterwards, recovery, these huge bonuses may easily melt into penalties. On top of the latter, there may be miscommunication due to not speaking Turkish.



Individual approach
and privacy

Weight Loss Riga in Latvia (EU):

In WLR, no conveyor effect can easily occur in large, over-popular clinics that take on more patients than they can manage. For this reason, our clinic in Riga (Latvia) is kept small - so that each client can receive individualised attention. Several former patients said they felt cherished as guests.


Turkey (outside EU):

The clinics in Turkey often work 24/7 as a conveyor. Former patients describe having their surgery at 10 p.m. while other patients are already prepared for their turn. The surgeon and the staff don’t get enough time to rest or time dedicated to a single patient.



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