241 Maskavas street, Riga, Latvia

Laura Link, LLannelli Wales, UK (Demo)

Weight Loss Riga has completely changed my life in an unimaginable way. I have spent years struggling with my weight and tried all sorts of diets. I had not even thought about surgery but whilst I was searching for weight loss support I came across Weight Loss Riga. I was very anxious about not only having surgery, but going abroad to do it. Mim was brilliant, she was there whenever I needed her and without her I would not have done it. She talked me through everything and answered every question I had, and there were a lot!

The Facebook group hugely impacted my decision to go ahead as it was so helpful and insightful seeing other people’s stories and watching there journeys.

The hospital is out of this world, it was spotless and comfy. My partner came with me and stayed in the hospital with me and he was really well looked after. Arthur was great too, I didn’t really have many questions as Mim has covered everything but he looked after me and my partner for the duration of our trip. The nurses and the surgeon were amazing and nothing was too much for them, I have never received such high quality care.

My weight was 18 stone 5 lbs on the day of my surgery.
I was so unhappy with my weight I didn’t even want to leave the house and felt so low.
I was anxious on the day of my surgery but there was no need, all went smoothly and the recovery for me was great, lots of tiredness for a few weeks whilst my body adjusted but so worth it.

5 months on and I now weigh 13 stone 2 lbs. It is the most amazing feeling to be able to go clothes shopping and get whatever I like, my like has completely changed. I now love getting dressed up, have changed my hair and my confidence has excelled beyond my expectations.

I would highly recommend Weight Loss Riga, I literally have no negative comments I could say, everything went so smoothly and the Facebook page is great for supporting each other.


5 months later