Can I have Alcohol after my Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Alcohol intake is a persistent poser that many bariatric patients are yet to come to terms with. It is a truism that weight loss surgery (WLS) alters the traditional setting of the body system, and forces patients to live a whole “new life” afterward.

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Fact or Fiction: Weight Loss Surgery Cures Diabetes

The debate on whether diabetes has any known cure is getting another direction. Recently, findings from researches suggest that a “cure is in the offing” for diabetic patients. The possibility of this is what leaves many scientists and medical practitioners in the dark. Read more

9 Reasons why Your Gastric Sleeve Abroad should be with Weight Loss Riga

Morbidly obese individuals that are looking for efficient clinics for gastric sleeve abroad always consider Weight Loss Riga as an option. Since inception, we have been offering world-class bariatric surgeries in the most conducive environment. As we keep welcoming hundreds of patients to our clinic, more individuals are picking interest in our services. Read more

Can I get Weight Loss Surgery on the NHS?

An area that has seen growth in the United Kingdom is weight loss surgery. The region has many obese individuals who choose to go under the knife to shed off weight. The UK has seen a rapid rise in the number of bariatric patients. While some chose to go outside the country, a good number of morbidly-obese individuals opt to stay back. Read more

What is the Safest Form of Weight Loss Surgery?

Obesity is one of the reasons individuals leave their countries in search of better places for weight loss surgery. Even though this seems amusing, the fact remains that some countries scare people away. For instance, a morbidly-obese individual will not be at home in a clinic that offers below-the-par medical services. Read more

15 Tips for Drinking All That Water after Your Bariatric Surgery

Staying hydrated is important for everyone but there are some persons who cannot do without water. If you’ve had bariatric surgery abroad, taking the right amount of water helps you recover fast. In spite of the effective solution water offers to bariatric patients, many patients choose to look the other way. Read more

What to Do with Excess Skin and How to Donate Skin after Weight Loss Surgery Abroad

A lot of people in the United Kingdom are fighting obesity with bariatric surgery. While some of these morbidly-obese individuals stay put in the UK for the surgery, some others get weight loss surgery abroad. In spite of the positive undertones the procedure has for patients, there are still records of complications. Also, the possibility of losing all that weight and having an hour-glass figure is disrupted. Read more

7 Tastiest Recipes to Make After Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery Abroad

More obese people jet out of their countries to undergo mini gastric bypass surgery abroad but many bariatric surgery patients fail to consider the aftermath of the procedure. Aside from exercises, diets play a vital role to recover after the procedure. Many overweight individuals prefer mini gastric bypass because of the procedure’s speed and lower risks. While this is an effective weight loss program, it should be viewed as a mini solution. Dieting is the main tool to live a healthy lifestyle after the procedure. Read more

Medical Tourism in the EU: 7 Ways to Know You’re Choosing The Right Clinic

The number of people deciding to jump on a plane to seek medical care outside their countries has been on the steady rise in the last few years. Every year, ten (10) million persons travel to a different country to find treatment for their healthcare problems. In spite of these numbers of people going for medical tourism, many patients are skeptical about being treated abroad. Read more

5 Must-Hear Medical Tourism Stories from Real Patients of Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is the leading cause for medical tourism. Morbidly obese individuals now look up to the procedure as life-saver. The hay days of dieting or exercising to lose weight are fast declining. However, patients are torn between different weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass and gastric sleeve. Despite the procedures, every bariatric surgery tilts to one end – weight loss. Read more

Gastric Bypass Abroad: How to Recover Fast and See Great Results

Medical tourism has become the natural trend for those who are obese, simply overweight with a BMI of over 30 (gastric sleeve abroad) or 35 (gastric bypass abroad, mini gastric bypass abroad) or with weight related health issues such as Type II diabetes who would like to explore bariatric surgery outside their home countries. Gastric bypass gained favor in the sight of morbidly obese individuals who are looking for faster weight loss options. The gastric bypass procedure is famed for the faster healing time and less risks it poses to patients. Read more

Will NHS Cover My Weight Loss Surgery Abroad?

Weight loss surgery abroad is on the increase. Morbidly obese patients that want to have weight loss surgery abroad are among the growing number of medical tourists. While many people are embarking on this journey, they sometimes are unclear of what NHS will pay and what will be out of pocket. Most importantly: why does NHS pay less or more and what are the requirements to getting your weight loss surgery abroad covered? A patient that is under the National Health Service (NHS) of the United Kingdom enjoys some benefits than those that are yet to be signed up. Read more

How likely is it that I’ll Gain Back the Weight after Bariatric Surgery Abroad?

Many patients prefer medical tourism to have bariatric surgery abroad over getting same procedure in their home countries and that “many” is actually turning into “most” as far as recent statistics convey. As the rate of growth for the obesity epidemic rises in the U.K, bariatric surgery remains best choice for treatment. Morbid obesity is growing at an alarming rate and the number of patients choosing bariatric surgery increases by over 7% annually. Read more

7 Reasons you May Not Lose Weight Immediately after Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery are on the rise but you may not actually have the body you wanted immediately after weight loss surgery. This is not because weight loss surgery is ineffective or that weight loss surgery as a solution wasn’t the right one for you; rather, there are some challenges that might stymied those beautiful results that you’re longing for.

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Do you need Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery?

What is mini gastric bypass surgery? Weight loss surgeries are becoming more popular in recent years and the reason is simply because of its accelerated weight loss procedure. Most times, patients are at crossroads on the technique to use; giving the disparate weight loss surgeries such as gastric bypass and mini gastric bypass. Read more

9 Famous Celebrities who Underwent Weight Loss Surgery

The quest to shed off extra stones from the body has received major boost since weight loss surgery became popular. With this, obese people now have choice of having faster weight loss procedures without abiding by diets or taking strenuous exercises. Read more

Do you need Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Weight loss surgeries are becoming more popular in recent years and the reason is simply because of its accelerated weight loss procedure. Most times, patients are at crossroads on the technique to use; giving the disparate weight loss surgeries such as gastric bypass and mini gastric bypass. Read more

Why a Gastric Sleeve Works When Diets Don’t

The journey to weight loss surgery actually starts after a patient had found it hard to trim down his weight using available options such as dieting and exercises. Most patients have argued that dieting is better way to cut down weight.

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How Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Riga, Latvia Costs Less than UK and has better Surgeons

Is it true that gastric sleeve surgery in Riga, Latvia costs less than in the UK? The prospect of travelling abroad for gastric sleeve surgery has not worn off on some patients. They always have the belief that better treatments and fewer costs await them at the other side. While they tickle their fancy and have hopes of affordable surgery abroad, it is pertinent to note that some countries’ charges might be higher than a patient’s home country.

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Besides Weight Loss, What Are The Major Life Improvements After Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Life improvements after gastric bypass surgery are plentiful. Often, you’d find yourself struggling with your high weight. In fact, you might really feel as if you are trapped in a cycle of constant weight gain. Additionally, you might have also tried various diets, however, that only resulted in you gaining weight after you finished the diet. In such cases, gastric bypass surgery is an effective solution that many people turn to as a solution.

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13 Life Improvements after Gastric Bypass Surgery

What many overlook are the life improvements after gastric bypass surgery. Gastric bypass surgery has become the most widespread and practicable option for overweight patients who desire weight loss results in less time, at an affordable cost.

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13 Tips for Travelling after Weight Loss Surgery

Have you ever thought of travelling after weight loss surgery? Travelling in and of itself is an exciting event. Travelling is indeed a dynamic way of not only getting the good laugh you deserve with your family and friends, but it is also a great way to explore the mystic beauty of this globe that never fails to astound us with the spectacular views it has to offer.

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11 Benefits of Traveling Abroad for a Gastric Bypass

What are the benefits to travelling abroad for a gastric bypass? Being overweight and obesity both have fatal health consequences known to lead to a number of other health issues. Of course, each one of us knows that shedding the extra pounds is highly beneficial, but many of us fail to do so primarily because weight loss is tough.
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History of Weight Loss Surgery

There is perhaps no other single medical procedure that can have such a profound effect on a person, their physical wellbeing, their self-esteem and their overall future prospects as bariatric weight loss surgery. 

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Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery Pros and Cons

Roux-en Y surgery (RNY) – or simple “gastric bypass surgery” as it’s commonly known – has been a hit with those seeking a permanent solution to their weight problems since it was first introduced more than 40 years ago. 

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Diet After Mini Gastric Bypass

The mini gastric bypass procedure has helped countless people take control of their life by providing them the chance to lose significant amounts of weight and – if they are vigilant – keep it off for the rest of their lives. But just what does “vigilant” mean? 

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Gastric Bypass Diet Recipes

Gastric bypass surgery and gastric bypass diet recipes have become perhaps the most popular methods available for helping severely overweight and obese people regain control of their lives and set themselves back on a path toward better overall health. Read more

Type 2 Diabetes Weight Loss

Can weight loss surgery help you fight type 2 diabetes? Can you through obesity surgery improve the health of people who have this diagnosis, and solve their obesity problem? Here is the evidence. Read more