Leigh Burleigh, Renfrewshire, Scotland

Hi my name is Leigh and I’m a 48 year old married male with 2 gorgeous daughters, my fight with my weight began many years ago, as self employed martial arts instructor I was your typical fit confident male who could handle anything life threw at me without a worry in the world. This all changed after a bad leg injury forced an abrupt stop to my career and slowly but surely mainly due to not taking control my weight started to pile on, this went on for many years and was taking a toll not only on my personal health but also my family life suffered also.

I found myself on the cusp of type 2 diabetes amongst other health issues and slipping into an even more dark place mentally.

I made the decision to start researching weight loss procedures abroad and spent many months looking at many different clinics in many different countries, I also researched surgeons and got as much information together as I could, now at this point I should point out that my wife is a long serving head nurse with the NHS and when I first discussed surgery she was rightly so a little worried that I was researching abroad but after studying the research I had done her reservations were put at ease, after many months of research I had made the decision that Dr. Igors Troickis and his excellent team were who I was going to put my trust in.

In December 2017 I contacted Mim Dickens who is the English based patient coordinator and after many friendly and informative phone calls any reservations I may of had were gone.

I was sent all the information I could possibly need and after filling out the questionnaire I was accepted for surgery, I booked my surgery for the 28th of February 2018.

So I arrive at Riga airport and immediately met with a very friendly representative who takes us to our transport which is all ready and waiting and took me directly to my accommodation.

The next morning I was contacted by Artur who is the patient coordinator from Riga and speaks very good English, we had a coffee and we went over the next process in superb easy to understand detail.

I have had a barrage of tests which is very reassuring and finally met with Dr. Igors Troickis. A very well spoken man who just Oozes confidence and professionalism he answers any last minute questions I have and we confirm everything is good to go.

The whole clinic experience was second to none and I just can’t praise ALL the staff enough.

Well here I am 6 stone+down, no more type 2 no more health issues and that old confidence is slowly but surely coming back, I feel I have my life back and really enjoy every day now.

Family life is great… no more dark clouds hanging over me… my only HUGE regret… why did I wait so long !!!

For anyone looking at surgery please please don’t waste anymore time… there’s a whole new life just waiting on you grabbing it by both hands and by choosing Weight Loss Riga and Dr. Igors Troickis you will have made one of the best decisions of your life.


Half a year later

* This is feedback from our former patients, and such an outcome cannot be guaranteed or promised.