241 Maskavas street, Riga, Latvia

Alison Rundle, County Duraham, UK (Demo)

I made the decision to have a Gastric Sleeve at Weight Loss Riga after 40 years of struggling with my weight. After much research I discovered Weight Loss Riga.

I had my operation on February 22nd 2018 and have received endless support directly from Mim Dickens, and indirectly via the Facebook group. I sometimes managed to keep weight off for lengthy periods with a soul destroying combination of constant dieting and lots of exercise. But, I couldn’t maintain the lifestyle for more than a few years at a time and then the weight would eventually creep back on, and I always gained more weight than I had actually lost in the first place. I started dieting aged 15 when I was only about a 7kgs overweight and ended up at 55 over 50kgs above the weight I needed to be.

In 2016 I decided to go back to a slimming club and managed to lose 23 kgs. It took 18 months and I was really struggling to keep motivated. I felt I had to take some drastic action because I knew I wouldn’t be able to manage to sustain the weight loss. I have currently lost a further 29 kgs and am now only 6kgs from the weight I wish to be. I am fitter, stronger, much healthier and look 10 years younger.

I wish I had done this 20 years ago.


6 months later