Looking for the Best Country in Europe for Gastric Sleeve Surgery? 7 Reasons why Patients are leaving the UK

There is a growing tendency to have weight loss surgery abroad. The European region is one of the choice locations for obese individuals.


However, the quest to embark on medical tourism is on the increase. Now, patients take the cue to undergo the surgery at clinics outside the UK.


What’s Best Country in Europe for Gastric Sleeve Surgery? Weight Loss Riga Offers patients a safe, comfortable environment with skilled and English speaking medical staff who are educated, passionate and experienced.

What really is the benefit of having weight loss surgery abroad instead of in the UK? Patients consider many factors before undergoing the procedure.  On the flipside, beg overweight can pose serious health challenges to the patient. In spite of the act that exercises and healthy dieting can help in weight loss, their long-term plans are not favorable. Hence, there is the growing need to embark on medical tourism to lose extra kilos of flesh.

The journey has so far paid off. Obese individuals have been able to lead a healthy lifestyle after undergoing the procedure outside the UK. The gastric sleeve procedure has been gaining widespread popularity. While looking at the best country in Europe for gastric sleeve surgery it is important to understand the factors that trigger the move. While the procedure can be a life contouring process, it has long-term benefits. If you are looking a having the surgery outside the UK, or you are wondering why patients prefer abroad to the UK, here are seven (7) reasons why leaving the UK is the right step.


The Cost is Affordable

There is the tendency that patients are either working or run a business. Whichever way the tides turn, the fact remains that they work on a budget. For this reason, they are always on the watch for places they can get the procedure at a cheaper cost. This primary factor influences the choice of going abroad. The UK is one of the member states of the European Union. When the cost of the gastric sleeve procedure is high, patients set their eyes on other countries that offer low-costs on the procedure.

It is a truism that the cost of bariatric surgery can be expensive; there is the tendency that the clinic/hospital is trying to make fast income from the patients’ predicament. The cost of getting the surgery in the UK hovers around £11,000. This is very different from over 40% cut patients get when they undergo the surgery at Weight Loss Riga or some other clinic in Latvia. In addition, patients prefer abroad clinics because they will be getting the best service at the lowest costs.

On the flipside, it is a popular fact that the quality of healthcare services in some parts of UK is on the increase. For instance, France conducts hundreds of bariatric surgery every year. The country’s bariatric services are good but the fees are a turn-off. Patients would rather settle for a cheaper procedure at a decent clinic. However, does this guarantee their safety? The answer is a Yes! Many overseas countries are already realizing the importance of quality bariatric services and are taking steps to address them. Patients at Weight Loss Riga have the opportunity to engage with real patients on the clinic Facebook group.

To this end, obese individuals are sure of their safety when they pass through the knife at clinics outside the UK. In addition to the reduction in costs, the quality of healthcare is top-notch.


You will find the Newest Technologies Abroad

The process of undergoing surgery to remove excess kilos of flesh was not common. The concept was the result of painstaking researches to facilitate the weight loss approaches. Now, there is continuity in the inputs to the sector. The next factor that triggers medical tourism for obese UK citizens are these technologies.

In a world where the Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining popularity and the cyberspace is rife with talks of more technologies, it is important to replicate the same in the bariatric industry. The idea here is not to make a mockery of the medical facilities in the UK. Rather, the point is that clinics outside the UK have better facilities to cater for bariatric patients.

For instance, it is a popular fact that Latvia is one of the leading countries with the best bariatric equipment. In addition, top-notch clinics (such as Weight Loss Riga) have the best collection of medical tools to enhance the safety of the procedure.

Surgeons specializing in medical treatments (such as bariatric surgery) have an eye for the state-of-the-art facilities. This, in addition to their expertise in the field, is a great combination for the best results. Further, countries outside the UK are well ahead in the use of ICT-related technologies in their healthcare systems. In spite of the fact that these facilities are also available in the UK, you can enjoy the same service at a lower cost abroad.


Safety is a Guarantee

In spite of the fact that making a choice of the best county in Europe for gastric sleeve surgery can be hard, you can arrive at a conclusion by checking the safety of the procedures. The fact that bariatric surgery is the fastest way to lose weight does not imply that it is entirely risk-free. At intervals, there can be issues of complications arising from the procedure. While the surgeon cannot guaranty the safety of the surgery, he can take some steps to prevent this from happening. This is another reason why bariatric patients are in love with clinics outside the UK.

There is the highest guarantee that the procedure will never go wrong. In addition to this, the clinics have the best hands. With their expertise and the input of the relevant technologies, there is no doubt that you will have a hitch-free experience.


Partnerships also help

For the success of every establishment, there should be room for partnerships. Such breeds harmony and a platform to extract ideas for further development of the healthcare service. The mastery of this strategy is one of the reasons why European clinics (with the exclusion of UK-based clinics/hospitals) continue to dominate the scene.

First, there is a partnership with popular and established healthcare providers. Popular names such as the Cleveland Clinic and John Hopkins are some of the partners to these clinics outside the UK.

Second, they get accreditation from notable institutions such as the Joint Commission International (JCI). These mergers are a good way to build their brands. It also solidifies the foothold of these clinics in the bariatric industry. When patients get to understand the accreditations and partnerships they have behind them, they tend to embark on medical tourism.


There are Skilled Surgeons Abroad

Every country has its medical guidelines. However, the generality of the fact is that patients are always on the search for the “greener side of the grasses”. Without a doubt, you can find skilled surgeons all over the world. On the other hand, there are countries that have the best hands in performing bariatric surgery. Countries such as France, Latvia, Germany, and Sweden have better surgeons than the UK. The notion is not borne out of perceptions but backed with facts.


The Higher the Procedure; the Better the Expertise

The UK has a good healthcare system but is not living up to expectations. As Britain prepares to leave the European Union (Brexit) in the middle of Q1 of 2019, the already flawed medical system will be in debris. The move will be to the disadvantage of patients in the country. This is enough reason to seek better healthcare service abroad.

If you are considering the best country in Europe for gastric sleeve surgery, the skilled surgeons is a good reason to leave the UK. Despite the fact that you get experienced surgeons abroad, the UK still has a fair share of this. The difference is that surgeons outside the UK perform many surgeries. For instance, France leads with 37,000 bariatric surgeries a year. This figure drowns the UK’s 3,000 each year. By performing more surgeries each year, surgeons in clinics outside the UK have versatile experience in the field. The higher the procedure they perform, the better their expertise.


The Fantasy of Tasting the Waters

Humans are adventurous beings. Despite their health challenge, obese individuals tend to explore their options. The sheer fantasy of trying something new is another reason why medical tourism is popular among bariatric patients in the UK. They might have probably heard of the low costs and the efficiency of the surgeons. To satisfy their curiosity, the next option is undergoing the gastric sleeve surgery abroad.

While at their chosen country, they also take time to explore the environment. Visits to famed locations are part of the fantasies they tend to satisfy. On the sideline, depending on the bariatric surgery, the duration does not extend more than a week. During this time, patients can schedule visits to choice locations.

Medical tourism is not only to get treatments. It also affords patients the opportunity to interact in a new city. While they taste the waters and explore their fantasies, they will be getting the best treatment for their obesity. Either side of the coin, it is a win for the bariatric patient. Hence, the task of seeking out the best country in Europe for gastric sleeve surgery is to”taste the waters” – explore the new environment and get the best treatment.


There is no Hitch

There is literally a queue in the bid to undergo bariatric surgery (such as a gastric sleeve) in the UK. The reason why most patients stay back in the country is to benefit from the NHS-funded procedure. With the growing number of obesity, the healthcare system has a hectic time handling the patients’ needs.

This created loopholes in the system because the tendency to get a faster response is on the decline. In addition, patients have to wait for long hours before they get approval. For those that can afford the cost of gastric sleeve abroad, they waste no time in embarking on medical tourism. On the sideline, insurance companies do not help matters. The processing time often stretches into months. Because of the facilitated response that overweight demands, such delays can be deadly.


Disqualification is Imminent

Patients that can endure the long waits also have another issue at hand. After many months of waiting for approval, they get a turn down in their application. The reason can be their inability to meet up with the NHS requirements. This might entail reapplying (which will take another couple of months) or self-funding the procedure. The frustrating system is one of the numerous factors that influence patients’ medical tourism outside the UK.


You get access to Superb Follow-Up Services

Without a doubt, the post-op period is a defining moment in the life of every bariatric patient. The surgery is only a major step. The ability to keep to the post-surgery guidelines is the actual healing process. For weight Loss Riga, patients are able to call and ask questions and give comments and get feedback and professional medical advice for up to 5 years post-op. They also have access to the clinics Facebook group where they can ask questions to other patients.


Best Country in Europe for Gastric Sleeve Surgery - weight loss riga


Latvia is the Best Country in Europe for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The European region boasts of major players in the healthcare sector. Countries such as France and Germany and other countries follow the same pattern. However, when looking for the best country in Europe for gastric sleeve surgery, the choice should be Latvia.

The country has impressive tidings for bariatric patients. First, it has the lowest fees for gastric sleeve surgery. Second, it boasts of highly sought-after surgeons. In addition, Latvia has a well-organized healthcare system. The use of excellent surgical equipment is the order of the day.

By travelling abroad to undergo the gastric sleeve surgery, you get access to high-quality, affordable and risk-free bariatric surgery. Consider getting the procedure at Weight Loss Riga. The clinic promises efficient, fast, and affordable gastric sleeve surgery. The journey to weight loss through surgical means is tedious and we are here to ease the burden for you.

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