241 Maskavas street, Riga, Latvia

Andrea McCauley, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland (Demo)

I just wanted to post this review about my experience and journey to Riga. From start to finish i had the most laid back trip ever. Any nerves i had were set at easy by the wonderful Mim who has had weight loss surgery herself so on a personal level can help out first hand, always at the end of the phone for a chat never a bother. When i arrived I was picked up and taken to hotel no waiting around. Next day off to hospital picked up by the coordinator Riga side. Taken to clinic off for bloods and tests but made feel very at easy. Rest up then, in my beautiful room with great nurses service and flatscreen tv. I met surgeon who is a pleasure and nothing was to much to explain. All went well once back at home now with a weight loss of 5 stones in near 9 months. I can say its been easy because its been a new learning curve for me as for anyone who will have weight loss surgery but one I will never regret. And Riga is the place to do it.


A year later