9 Famous Celebrities who Underwent Weight Loss Surgery

The quest to shed off extra stones from the body has received major boost since weight loss surgery became popular. With this, obese people now have choice of having faster weight loss procedures without abiding by diets or taking strenuous exercises.

It however seems the surgery is for the rich as costs are as high as £12,000. However, there are countries such as Riga, the capital city of Latvia where same weight loss surgery can be done at fewer costs and under the supervision of experienced surgeon and medical team.

Nonetheless, anyone can get obese so it would be wrong to permute only select members of the society are billed to have weight loss surgery. In the light of this, it is pertinent to note that rich and poor; famous and otherwise meet at the same surgery table to have the operation. Hence, going under the knife to lose weight is not for select few.

Celebrities also have Weight Loss Surgery

In the light of the above assertion, it is worthy of note that celebrities also undergo weight loss surgery. The point cannot be wished away as celebrities, as humans, tend to have made some mistakes in their eating habits that led to gaining more fat in the body.

It seems that the United States ranks as the country with highest number of celebrities that had undergone weight loss surgery. While this is true, there are also other regions such as the United Kingdom that have recorded massive number of celebrities that had weight loss surgery.

Celebrity Weight Loss Surgery is Popular

Celebrities lost their privacy the moment they shot to limelight and became center of attraction in the larger society. Despite their fame and tendency of news breaking out of their embarking on weight loss surgery, there have been cases where such surgeries were not made public.

Some celebrities have succeeded to keep off their weight loss surgery for long from the prying eyes of the public. As mentioned before, the U.S alone does not account for most celebrities that underwent weight loss surgery. The U.K also has fair share of this and though its weight loss surgery of U.K celebrities are not published in many tabloids as the U.S, there is no hiding place as some information regarding this have been made public.

Who are these Celebrities?

With the foregoing, it is important to note that some celebrities that are famous in the U.K have passed under the knife to shed off some kilo of flesh and some of these will be looked at. But before that, some of these celebrities have been appearing in public after their weight loss surgery and only discerning eyes could notice the trimmed figure they flaunt – a figure that was not there before.

So who are these celebrities and when did they have a weight loss surgery?

  • Sally Morgan

Opening the list is London-born television personality, Sally Morgan. Also called “Psychic Sally”, she is one of the U.K celebrities that underwent weight loss surgery. Sally had been into the books and had written many that centered on her psychic abilities.

Weight Loss Surgery Background

There leaves a poser for her fans with regards to her personality. Sally Morgan is believed to be medium between the present world and the hereafter. She had been acclaimed to have interactions with the psychic world when she was nine (9) months old. She had continued with this till she encountered a ghost at the age of four (4) and would later become intermediary between the real life and the after-world. This greatly influenced her open mindedness for the advent of technological improvements, which eventually paved the way for her to choose weight loss surgery.

What Led to her Surgery?

Before she went for a weight loss surgery, Sally had a twenty-seven (27) body. She was an advocate of conventional weight loss options such as dieting and would have proceeded with these to shed some kilos if she had not been advised against it.

The main reason behind her going for a weight loss surgery was her risking heart disease. She had confirmed that she had a heart scare and her doctors had advised against resorting to dieting and exercises if she didn’t want to risk a heart attack that could cost her life.

Gastric Bypass became Option

Sally Morgan who was a yo-yo dieter and had entered the popular Celebrity Big Brother (CBB) house as a housemate in the middle of August 2018 revealed that she choose gastric bypass because of its impressive features.

After the surgery, the sixty-seven (67) year old television star lost 16 stone and half (amounting to 88 kilos). She had since gained a figure of size 12 that had her fans commending her for the surgery and till this day, she maintains a healthy eating habit and eats less than before.

  • Tina Malone

gastric bypass weight loss surgery-tina morgan (1)

For Christina Malone, she probably had not given thoughts to weight loss surgery before now. The 55-year old writer, actress and producer born in Liverpool, England had been made popular for her role as Mimi Maguire in Shameless.

Her weight loss surgery journey had been on for over nineteen (19) years. During this time, she had been injected with insulin and had been quoted as asserting that she took 38 tablets each day for a period of 19 years. This was to help her overcome risk of heart and blood pressure that were caused by her morbid obese body mass.

Her Gastric Band Operation

In the year 2010, Tina Malone had a gastric band weight loss surgery that helped her lose 11 stones. This was after many attempts at weight loss had been made. At first, she had a gastric balloon inserted in her stomach before the gastric band.

She had also engaged in physical exercises such as her enrollment for walkout sessions. Tina currently battles to have the best body she always wished for. To this end, she has had four (4) different operations and one was to remove excess skin that was evident after one of her weight loss surgeries.

  • Fern Britton

Next on the list of 9 famous celebrities that had undergone weight loss surgery and are popular in the United Kingdom is television presenter, Fern Britton. The 61-year old (born on July 17, 1957) television personality had to go under the knife when it became evident that she might not carry on with her activities especially as she was approaching older age.

weight loss surgery-weightloss-riga (1)Age 50 did the Magic

Fern Britton who was also a writer had to go for a gastric band weight loss surgery as she approached the age of 50. Before then, she had once been the presenter of ITV’s This Morning television programme and had also worked for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

According to her, her decision to have a gastric band weight loss surgery was to prepare for challenges that came with being a 50-year old and also to wade off pressing health issues at the time. Before her weight loss surgery in 2008, Fern Britton had complained of pains in her knee joints and her cholesterol level was also on the high side.

In addition to her body mass at the time, it was important to have the gastric band weight loss surgery. After the surgery, she lost five stones and had confirmed that she feels comfortable in her new skin and now has low cholesterol.

Fern Britton’s weight loss surgery is rather an amazing one. Before she settled for a gastric band operation, she had made attempts at shedding off some kilo of flesh by exercise at to no avail. Her gastric band operation had made her look younger and physically fit.

  • Vanessa Feltz

For Vanessa Feltz, her gastric band operation was one risk too many. She recalls that months after the surgery, she had difficulty adjusting her eating habit as she had to do away with many meals. At a point, she considered taking off the band but the thought of what she might face kept her off.

The 56-year old television personality and journalist, Vanessa Jane Feltz never gave much thought to weight loss surgery but was motivated after her depressing marriage outcome.

Pushed by Her Husband

Vanessa could not have gone under the knife if her marriage had not crashed. She had confirmed in one of her interviews that she was an “emotional  eater” and had found difficulty consuming much meals as she was did after her took leave of her.

After her marriage crash, she had taken to solitary confinement and hardly ate. She was later to be happy with her trimmed figure and had later chose to make it permanent by undergoing a gastric band weight loss surgery in 2010. The surgery had left Vanessa Feltz six (6) stones lighter and she is thankful for that and has no intention of taking off the band anytime soon.

  • Paul Jonathan Mason

Paul’s weight loss surgery is interestingly, one of the hallmarks of any UK celebrity. Born in 1960, he was assumed the “fattest man in the world”. This is not unconnected to the fact that Paul Mason weighted an estimated 361kg (981 pounds).

How did he get here?

Paul Mason actually got obese in his quest to fight off emotional stress.  Serially abused during his childhood, he resorted to consuming much food to fight off depression. This was in his early 20s and he was later to apply for a gastric bypass surgery.

Gastric Bypass Weight Loss Surgery

Surgeons that carried out the gastric bypass weight loss surgery on Paul Mason at the Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City confirmed that it was tedious. The surgery was however successful and saw Paul losing over 650 pounds.

  • Sharon Rachael Osbourne

Sharon once had a weight loss surgery but had to find alternate solutions when the latter seemed not to have met her taste. The 66-year old talk show host and businesswoman had a lap-band (adjustable gastric band) surgery in 1999 to cut down her size.

She however regretted doing so because she couldn’t eat as she wanted. Because of her television presentations, she argued that having larger body mass spices up her performance and this informed her decision to have the band that had seen her lose 125 pounds removed later in 2006.

Health Influence

Sharon believed that an adjustable gastric bypass (lap-band) surgery is not a solution for a food addict such as herself. That was why she had it removed in 2006 and instead, she chose dieting – a meal plan she had kept faith with in her quest to shed off the kilos.

  • Anne Diamond

Anne Diamond is yet another famous celebrity that had been under the knife to enhance her physical looks. The television personality had received criticisms from different quarters for her obese looks. This had forced her to seek out solutions and solace was found in gastric band.

Two Gastric Bands at a Stretch

Anne had been quoted as saying that she was unlucky to have two gastric bands before she had results. The first gastric band had been badly positioned. Rather than being placed at the top part of the stomach, the band was left dangling towards the end of the oesophagus.

A corrective weight loss surgery was conducted and the second gastric band was attached, this time, at the right place. She had been confident afterwards after losing four (4) stones from the surgery.

  • Monica Michael

Monica was a former finalist of X Factor and had come a long way in the weight loss journey. She acknowledged that her weight at the time was source of worry to her as she could not perform on stage because she lacked the flexibility.

Before she had a weight loss in 2015, she had been battling within herself the right moment to shed off some weight. She was a food addict and being a 26-year old at the time, she was considering the effect of the surgery on her when taken.

She however went under the knife in April 2015 and had a gastric band fitted in her stomach. A whooping five stone was shed off after the surgery and now, Monica Michael has the flexible she craved for.

  • Rosie O’Sullivan

The name doesn’t ring a bell but ardent followers of Britain’s Got Talent might be familiar with Rosie O’Sullivan. Rosie, a semi-finalist in 2013 edition of Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) was on the wrong side of 30 stones when she exited the competition.

Her 30 stone weight later constituted risks for her health; forcing her to have a gastric band fitted into her stomach. Today, Rosie is on the good side of 13 stones after shedding off 17 stones with the gastric band weight loss surgery.


Weight loss surgery though on the rise, and is not restricted to specifically affluent people or specific locations. The United Kingdom has its fair share of patients who every day, successfully take off the extra kilos by going under the knife for weight loss surgery. It leaves no doubt that obesity is not limited to some persons but is a general situation that is often characterized by eating habits and health concerns.

The popularity of these celebrities had made their weight loss surgeries public. In a nutshell, morbid obesity is a very precarious situation and can be followed up successfully with a weight loss surgery irrespective of persons involved – celebrities or otherwise. Call Weight Loss Riga for more information on bariatric surgery. Simply fill out a contact form or give us a call!

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